Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…Actually


The Carpal Tunnel and Flexors of the Hand

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is one of those conditions which is commonly overdiagnosed. It seems that any sort of hand and wrist pain or tingling and numbness automatically equates to carpal tunnel syndrome. This over-diagnosing, in my opinion, occurs because the real cause of the condition is usually mistaken. For those who actually have the condition, it can seem like there are no good answers for why it occurs and why it continues to be a problem. Hopefully, I can clear up some of these questions and give you a better understanding of what carpal tunnel syndrome really is, and thus a better understanding to treat it. Continue reading “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…Actually”

Cumulative Injury Cycle…I Pulled My Hammy Again?!

Soft tissue injury is a very interesting topic. If we think about it, it is really the basis of the majority of what we as massage therapist work on every single day. Because of this, I feel like it is a foundation piece which every therapist should have a good grasp on. Knowing why soft tissue injuries occur and, of course, how they heal gives us a better understanding of why soft tissue conditions occur.

Now, knowing why injuries occur is one thing, but knowing why they KEEP occurring is maybe an even more important fact to know. Many of you know the basics of how muscles get injured, but do you know why certain injuries continue to return? Or maybe you need to know what causes certain muscular conditions like tendonitis and other repetitive stress injuries. These questions can all be wrapped up together and answered with one solution. That solution is the Cumulative Injury Cycle.   Continue reading “Cumulative Injury Cycle…I Pulled My Hammy Again?!”