The reason for the creating of this site is to give massage therapists a resource to learn about new techniques and expand their abilities. I believe that every massage therapist should always strive to continue learning no matter how long they have been practicing.  This can be done through many different  avenues and should not be limited to mandatory continuing education done once per year.  The main reason why I created this resource was to facilitate ongoing  education  by sharing  my the knowledge which I have gained over the last 8 years of practice, and hopefully pass on a few good ideas to my peers.  By no means am I claiming that I have all the answers or even come close to being the most intelligent anatomist out there. However, with what I lack in pure genius, hopefully I can make up for with my  experience in practice  and my bad sense of humor.

For some of you, my writings may seem boring and others may find them to be awe inspiring, and even  others will be somewhere in the middle. Hopefully, I can impress a couple of you readers, and in the process help you help other people.





Joel is a New York and Florida Licensed Massage Therapist and has been practicing since 2009. His experience spans from working in a spa to 4 years working with a chiropractor and also running  his own practice.  He has worked with athletes to professional classical musicians, and everything in between.